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Metallic heating or conductive fibers, yarns and flexible structures for SMART textiles or composites functionalization

We work on three main markets

Heating yarns or fabrics for multi-layer or composite parts functionalization

  • Heating fabric and textile for manufacturing of heating molds for curing of complex shape composite parts
  • Heating fabric for de-icing application for functionalized composite parts : aerospace, telecommunication antennas, buildings, civil works
  • Industrial applications: automotive, aviation, energy, vacuum bags, heating and curing, plastic parts

Flexible elements for Electronic purposes: Smart textile, RFID antennas, connected clothes, connection

  • Heating or conductive yarns, cables or fabrics
  • Yarn or surface form sensors, industrially washable RFID yarns or threads
  • Elastic and washable connection yarns for functionalization

High temperature, hot gas filtration and catalysis

  • Industrial, automotive or hollow glass industries
  • Transportation or handling of hot materials susceptible to marking: aluminum, composite process, metallurgy
  • Braids and sealing solutions for the high temperature industry
  • Yarns and membranes for gas burners and hot gas filtration
  • Catalysis supports for the chemical industry
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