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Process industry markets

Industrial textiles offer numerous advantages in various industries. They provide durability, resistance to harsh environments, and protection against hazards like heat, chemicals, and abrasion. Their versatility allows for multiple applications, including filtration, insulation, reinforcement, and safety components. Industrial textiles enhance efficiency, durability, and safety in industrial environments, driving innovation and productivity.

Industrial textiles

Industrial textiles (Indutech) find diverse applications across sectors like manufacturing and construction. These specialized fabrics offer strength, durability, and tailored functionalities for tasks ranging from reinforcement in mechanical engineering to...

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Packaging textiles

Packaging textiles (Packtech) play a crucial role in industrial packaging and containment, providing an array of benefits that enhance efficiency and sustainability in various sectors. Industrial applications benefit from the...

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Sport textiles

Sport textiles (Sporttech) form a dynamic sector within the larger textile industry, catering to the specialized needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Sporttech is driven by constant innovation to enhance...

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Geo Textiles

Geo textiles (Geotech) have emerged as a versatile and innovative solution with far-reaching applications. Geo textiles are engineered fabrics designed to improve the performance and durability of civil engineering projects,...

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Clothing textiles

Clothing textiles (Clothtech) is a rapidly growing segment of the technical textile industry. It encompasses all textile components used primarily in clothing and footwear, and it is responsible for adding...

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Home Textiles

Home Textiles (HomeTech) are a specialized category of textiles that combine functional innovation with everyday home environments. These textiles are designed to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and efficiency within households. They...

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Ecological Protection Textile

Ecological Protection Textile (Oekotech or Ecotech) is a term used to describe textiles that are made from environmentally friendly materials and processes. This includes textiles made from natural fibers, such...

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Construction textiles

Textiles are used in construction in many ways, such as concrete reinforcement, to produce geotextiles, scaffolding and formwork, waterproofing and insulation membranes. Industrial textiles have a variety of benefits for...

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