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Textech Industries

The Global Leader in the Research, Development, and Manufacturing of Innovative, High-Performance Materials

Since it started manufacturing engineered textiles in 1904, Tex Tech Industries has grown to be one of the world’s leading needle and woven felt manufacturers by specializing in meeting the requirements of difficult and demanding customer applications. Our research and development team and manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to be innovative, creative, and on the cutting edge for the benefit of our growing customer base. We pride ourselves on being a market leader in high-performance textiles.

One of Tex Tech’s top priorities is to serve its customers and to maintain close working relationships. As a result of the long-term relationships that Tex Tech’s product managers form with their customers, Tex Tech becomes a part of the problem-solving process for many customers by developing new products to meet their highly specialized needs.

A Global Company

Tex Tech is truly a global company, manufacturing over 7,000 products in the US, Europe and Asia. Our flagship Maine manufacturing facility covers 260,000 sq. ft. and is home to our Technical and Research & Development centers. In addition, we operate manufacturing facilities in Thailand and the United Kingdom and are dedicated to our growing business globally.

Textech Industries
Textech Industries
1350 Bridgeport Drive, Suite 1
United States

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