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Siftex started in 1983 when it became apparent there was a need for high-quality flexible connectors that could last much longer than the fabric and rubber parts.

We introduced Clear-Flex SDX, an innovative polyurethane compound that meets FDA and EC standards, surpasses ATEX requirements for static control, and combines flexibility, transparency, and extreme durability. Clear-Flex SDX connectors last up to 10 times longer than conventional fabric or rubber sleeves. It is a great value not only for its price but also for significantly reducing production downtime and housekeeping expense caused by failing parts.

Today we sell thousands of parts from all types of materials and fabrics. We stock a huge selection of standard sizes, and our skilled production team crafts custom parts in every shape, size, and composition using state-of-the-art precision design and cutting technology.

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South Windsor
United States
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