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INFOLABEL AG is the Swiss manufacturer of the proven Chemap® filtration system and long-time owner of the Funda filter technology know-how. We offer a comprehensive service from development to the putting into operation and maintenance of your individual filter systems.

The filtration principle was successfully introduced into the process industry for the separation of solids/liquids by Dr. Hans Müller (1913 – 1984), an exceptional entrepreneur and talented inventor, in the late 1950s, and who sustainably modified this system.

Chemap® filters solve filtration tasks in a simple and economic way. They are especially suited to demanding filtration applications in which the drying, extraction, residual volume filtration, washing and sterile process control are integral parts of the filtration. These filter systems are used in the fields of environmental protection, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nuclear and hydrometallurgy.

Infolabel AG is a private company based in Switzerland. Our specialists in the fields of process technology, design and process engineering, design and develop new filtration systems following the proven Chemap® filtration principle based on many years of experience and sound process know-how.

Our filtration systems are sold worldwide. They are in reliable everyday use in all industrialized countries.

Infolabel AG is your point of contact for all questions and solutions to problems concerning process filtration systems.

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