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Our core technology know-how enables us to tailor our production to meet a variety of filtration requirements.

We are experienced in the production of polymeric nanofiber-based filter media for various filtration applications on a mass scale. Our innovative nanofiber production technology represents a major breakthrough in air and liquid filtration by providing an extremely low-pressure drop, highly durable nanofibers, and extended filter life.

Hifyber nanofibers are produced with the latest needle-free electrospinning technology giving continuous fibers an average fiber size of 125 nm. Hifyber nanofiber media have exceptional uniformity and are used worldwide in numerous applications in a variety of markets due to their long life, robust bonding, high mechanical efficiency, and lowest energy consumption, together with a wide array of commercial products.

Hifyber has been doing research on nanofibers for over 5 years and has incorporated their proprietary technology into the manufacturing of their nanofibers to give improved filament and web uniformity, low-pressure drop, and most importantly, the highest nanofiber durability in the industry. Durability testing with VDI 3926 clearly demonstrated Hifyber superiority against several competitors. This durability enables customers to pleat with high-speed rotary or blade pleaters without causing damage to the nanofibers.

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