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Fairlane Division VRTX, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1976 servicing a broad range of fabric markets with unique warp knits of fine denier and gauge made from a wide variety of fibers. Fairlane offers customers fabric solutions to problems through the quick delivery of the existing products or through a thorough research and development process. Either way or any way, the customer can be assured of a product that will meet his or her needs.

Continuous operation can be achieved only through consistency of quality, service, and pricing. Longevity results from the stability of human resources, ongoing education, and constant adjustment to the needs of the marketplace. We are “customer meets product” oriented. That is our goal and our method.

The Process

  1. The customer identifies a fabric need. Contacts Fairlane.
  2. Customer contact, general information exchange. A technical salesperson is assigned.
  3. A brief discussion regarding the fabric need.
  4. Sample exchange and follow-up communication resulting in fabric adoption, research and development path, or referral.
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North Carolina
United States
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