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Bouckaert Industrial Textiles (BIT), Inc. was founded in 1988 by Thomas Bouckaert to manufacture disaster relief blankets. Today, BIT is the leading US manufacturer of industrial felt products located on the East Coast.

When your company’s equipment handles demanding temperatures, you require more than just adequate thermal insulation. Bouckaert Industrial Textiles supplies top-quality nonwoven thermal insulation materials for temperatures ranging from -300F to 2000F made from polyesters, aramids, fiberglass, Panox, viscose rayon, and other specialty materials.

You can maintain firm control of your supply chain and quality standards when you use Bouckaert’s high-performance thermal insulation materials and services. Our services focus on supplying thermal insulation materials for industries ranging from automotive manufacturing to oil and gas pipeline insulation. Created to stand-alone or as part of a composite, our products can withstand both extremely low and high-temperature environments as well as critical failure scenarios when lives hang in the balance.

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