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Badger Industries has been in continuous operation since 1841, with over 170 years of serving the industry with engineering excellence. Badger began as “coppersmiths,” specializing in patented fireproof window frames and sashes and also hand-held fire extinguishers.

Today Badger designs and manufactures round convoluted metal bellows utilizing four metal bellows forming technologies: Hydroforming, Roll Forming, Pneumatic Tube Forming, and Expanding Mandrel Forming.  Rectangular metal expansion joint convolutions are formed with a press brake.

Fabric expansion joints

Fabric expansion joints provide significant flexibility when installed in large ducting and piping systems. They can accommodate thermal expansion, vibration, and in some cases, misalignment. Fabric joints are manufactured from a variety of special woven fabrics coated or laminated that are used to insulate and protect against abrasion.

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