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Ayvaz designs and manufactures bellows expansion joints from the simplest standard expansion joints to highly complex expansion joints which are designed especially on the basis of individual customer requirements. Metal expansion joints are single or multi-layered stainless steel expansion joints with a high level of expansion absorption and a low spring rate.

Expansion Joint is a product that maintains the piping system and protects equipment by absorbing high stress magnitude on pipes due to outer temperatures that may influence energy delivering pipes, pipe expansion or contraction caused by temperature changes in fluids, equipment vibration problems or seismic motions.

Fabric expansion joints are highly flexible connections installed in pipe & ductwork as well as industrial items to compensate for expansion, resulting from heat or misalignment as well as vibrations as a result of mechanical and acoustical movements.

Fabric expansion joints are manufactured from high grade synthetic materials, elastomers and asbestos free fabrics. As a result of their superior flexibility, they can take axial, lateral, angular and torsion movements. Fabric expansion joints are mainly employed for gaseous media like air or clean gas or gas containing aggressive and abrasive as well as liquid matter.

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