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As the global leader in supplying polyolefin and bicomponent staple fibers for nonwoven applications, FiberVisions is known for unmatched product performance and processing.

Our proprietary technology and product innovation bring many benefits to our customers in a variety of markets, including hygiene, textiles, automotive, and construction.

Softer nonwovens, due to the variety of deniers, sizes, finishes, additives, and shapes that we offer

Stronger nonwovens, due to the inherent nature of our raw materials compared to other fibers

Extensible nonwovens due to the different “crimps” and fiber extensibility we design into our fibers

Hydrophobic or hydrophilic nonwovens
, due to the finishes and additives we offer

Lofty/bulky nonwovens, due to our controlled geometry and shaped fiber technologies

Cost savings, due to lower basis weight nonwovens that are possible with our fibers, without sacrificing performance and aesthetics

Global reach, with four manufacturing sites around the world

Single source, with the broadest product portfolio of any polyolefin staple fiber supplier

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