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BFM® began life as the 2am brainwave of Blair McPheat. The mock-up he scrawled on a piece of paper solved a problem that had stumped some of the world’s largest processing companies for years.

Within 18 months, his breakthrough snap-in flexible connector had been snapped up by global giant, Tetra Pak.

Four years later, BFM® Global’s manufacturing plant distributes to over 40 countries around the world. We’ve remained agile throughout our growth, with the same no-nonsense approach to problem-solving we’ve always had. Our customers come to us for a reliable, rigorously-tested component that’s easy to fit, eliminates dust and minimises expensive stoppages.

Today, we’re trusted by some of the world’s largest food, pharmaceutical, plastic and petrochemical processing companies to keep their product (and profits) flowing.

BFM® fitting
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