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Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint

7 Oct 2022  |
Belman has designed and manufactured this 2-meter-long Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint for a European wood pellet production facility. The Expansion Joint will be installed under a steam turbine for the process and is designed with a pipe on which the customer can connect a safety valve.

Client Challenge

The client needed an Expansion Joint solution to absorb movements in the pipeline; however, due to space issues, the Expansion Joint needed to add stability and allow the piping system to avoid complex fixed points. Furthermore, a safety valve was needed; however, due to the space issues, the client could not install it on-site. Thus, a solution to these issues was needed in addition to an operationally and economically sound Expansion Joint solution.

Belman solution – A 2-meter-long Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint

As the Expansion Joint had to absorb both axial and lateral movements, Belman designed an Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint with 2 working bellows for the client. If only movements in one plane were to be absorbed, a single working bellow would be sufficient. The Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint was designed with external limiters to control the Expansion Joint movements. Due to the operating conditions, the bellow and inner sleeve were made from austenitic stainless steel, whereas the Expansion Joint hardware was made from 16Mo3 and P265GH and P355GH, respectively, with a coating system applied to protect the steel parts.

In many piping systems, safety valves are used to ensure the pressure in the piping system does not exceed the permissible level. To assist the client with the safety valve issue, Belman designed the Expansion Joint with a special pipe in the pipe end on which the client could mount the safety valve directly. Belman advised the client to include this directly on the Expansion joint already at the workshop stage, which would simplify their job. Thus, the drain was pre-installed, which solved the difficult on-site space limitations for the client.

Advantages of Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joints

Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints are often preferred as they offer reduced complexity and size of fix points by eliminating the pressure thrust, thereby delivering stability to the pipe system. They also reduce the required space for structures that carry fix points and guides, which is preferred at installation spots with very limited space. More information on Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint features and benefits can be seen here: Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

Experience in Inline Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joints

Belman has customised and engineered Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint solutions for clients across different industries worldwide since 1994.

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Belman Expansion Joints are work out solutions for movements mainly caused by thermal flucturations in pipe systems, vibrations, help to reduce pressure thrust forces in pressurized systems and equipment as well as reduce energy consumption...

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