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Woven Fabrics, Laid Webs, Braidings, Knitted Fabrics

Among the diverse textile categories, woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, and knitted fabrics each offer unique characteristics and applications. Woven fabrics, created through the meticulous interlacing provide strength, structure, and versatility for clothing and industrial uses. Laid webs offer adaptability, customization, and cost-efficiency, finding applications in hygiene products, filtration, and construction materials. Braided textiles, formed by excel in durability, flexibility, and are crucial in applications such as ropes, and engineering components. Knitted fabrics, produced through the continuous looping of yarns, provide stretch, breathability, and design flexibility, making them ideal for clothing and technical textiles.


Knitted fabrics
Laid webs
Woven Fabrics

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