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Textiles Are Safer And Healthier With Durak Bug Safe Thread

31 May 2024  |
Durak Bug Safe thread, the latest development of Durak Tekstil, offers a healthy and sustainable option for keeping invisibly small insects and pests away from textile products without containing harmful chemicals.

Durak Tekstil, manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, eliminates the problem of insects and flies in many applications, especially in bed and home textile products, with the Bug Safe thread it has developed. Bug Safe thread, free of any chemicals harmful to humans and the environment in addition to its protective feature against insects, contributes to the protection of the ecosystem and the environment by repelling these creatures instead of killing them.

Almost invisible to the naked eye, these insects and pests need moist and warm environments to live and reproduce. Organic particles such as human and pet skin residues and food crumbs penetrate the inner layers of furniture, carpets, bedding and even toys, creating a favourable environment for these creatures. Durak Tekstil has developed the Durak Bug Safe thread with intensive R&D studies to keep invisibly small creatures such as mosquitoes, bed bugs and mites, which are risky for health and comfort, away from textile products and usage areas. This new solution, free of prohibited permethrin chemicals, prevents the settlement and reproduction of these creatures in textile products, especially in seam areas. Durak Bug Safe thread, with a special and natural odour component, has proven its success in various textile applications such as bedding, furniture, carpets and curtains with its insect-repellent feature. Developed primarily for sewing purposes, the thread can also be preferred for mosquito-repellent embroidery applications.

More in-depth and long-lasting insect protection

Durak Tekstil Board Member and Marketing Director Yiğit Durak said that people can encounter insects and pests in all areas of life and stated that a lot of methods are used in textile products in this regard: “People can create favourable environments for insects with both food residues and their own sheds. An average adult sheds 1.5 grams of skin per day, which can be enough for one million dust mites to live. External odour and chemical treatments such as sprays can be used to control them on textile surfaces such as beds, sofas, carpets and curtains; however, their effectiveness is short-term and narrow in scope. Holes and nooks and crannies created during the sewing of textiles can become ideal environments for these pests to live and lay eggs, and solutions such as sprays are not effective here. In these solutions, which may contain prohibited components, the killed pests still remain on the textile surfaces. Therefore, we need a different solution to make our living space more sterile and comfortable. While developing the Durak Bug Safe thread, we focussed on exactly this need. As a healthy and sustainable solution, Durak Bug Safe, instead of killing pests, keeps them away from textile surfaces and repels them.”

Reminding that permethrin chemical components, a kind of prohibited pesticide, are widely used in anti-insect products, Durak emphasised that this poses risks for both the environment and human health. Durak continued his words as follows; “Our main priority was not to use banned chemicals while developing a healthier and sustainable solution for textiles that we directly contact such as mattresses, sofas and carpets. While developing the Durak Bug Safe thread, we used a special fragrance of natural volatile geranium and lemongrass essential oils without permethrin for insect and pest repellency. Thus, we obtained a shield that creates an insect-free area. While protecting our personal comfort and health, we did not harm the ecosystem.”

Independent test laboratory registered the success of Durak Bug Safe

Yiğit Durak explained that they cooperated with an independent test laboratory in Germany during the development process of the Durak Bug Safe thread and stated that in addition to the certification of the technical competence of the thread, the tests on living organisms were also carried out within the framework of ethical principles. He expressed; “The qualitative measurements made on the samples we have prepared have proved the repellency level of our thread for mites, bedbugs and mosquitoes. It has been reported that we have obtained successful results in the preliminary tests for OEKO-TEX. When the tests are completed, we will receive the OEKO-TEX Class 1 certificate.”

Durak Bug Safe thread, which does not allow insects to live and reproduce in sewing and embroidery application areas, was developed in light colour, but it can be produced in any colour according to customer demand. The new thread, which maintains its insect-repellent function up to 50 washes, provides lifetime protection as long as it is not washed. Durak Bug Safe thread offers new opportunities and new market opportunities to manufacturers with its suitability for various textile applications.

He noted that the Durak Bug Safe thread will become an assertive product in both local and global markets, saying that especially geographies in humid and hot climatic conditions come to the fore. Durak also expressed that they appeal to numerous different segments from toys to furniture, carpets to clothing products, and underlined that they have developed a suitable solution for protective clothing for those working in the agricultural sector and outdoor products such as tents. Durak concluded; “While developing and protecting the living spaces of humans, we need to respect the living spaces of other living things as a part of the ecosystem. We are pleased to launch our Durak Bug Safe thread with insect/pest deterrent/repellent feature that increases the hygiene in our living space while increasing the comfort of the users.”

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