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The Austrian company Austria Email is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality water heaters and the only storage tank manufacturer with its own development and production of trend-setting fleece insulation for large and buffer storage tanks. The location has a modern buffer storage tank plant and its own thermo-technical laboratory with high-quality test facilities.

Wide range of products

The product range comprises a total of 400 basic types and over 1000 variants: from electric water heaters and indirectly heated storage tanks for operation with gas, oil to alternative energy types. Buffer storage tanks, solar systems, domestic hot water heat pumps, heating heat pumps, district heating storage tanks and district heating boilers are further main focuses of the program.

Eco Skin Thermal Insulation

ECO SKIN is an innovative fleece insulation for large and buffer storage tanks, which differs significantly from the soft foam insulations offered so far. With ECO SKIN, energy savings of up to € 3,500 can be achieved. Due to the snug behaviour of ECO SKIN insulation, you save money and reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. The heat losses of a 1000 litre buffer tank are reduced by 47 %* (compared to the previously offered soft foam insulation).

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