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What is a Bellows Liner? And when to use one?

8 Dec 2022  |
Bellows Liner is an internal sleeve that is used for the following cases,
  • To prevent flow induced resonant vibration of bellows due to high flow velocities
  • To reduce possibility of erosion from abrasive flow media 
  • To limit/ minimize the friction losses and create a smooth flow
  • To limit/ decrease the surface temperature of the bellows in high temperature applications. 

Recommendations for proper design and use of a flow liner?

  • The liner material should either be same as the bellows material or suitable for the application.
  • When sizing a flow liner proper considerations must be given for the flow velocity, liner length and temperature of the flow media.
  •  When there is possibility for reverse flow, or bi-directional flow use of telescoping liner is recommended.
  • When used in applications with abrasive media use thicker liner material to prevent failure in the liner and exposing the thinner bellows material to erosion.
  • When lateral deflection or angular rotation is present, the liner should be designed with sufficient radial clearance to prevent interference with ID of the bellows through the entire movement range.
  • When bellows are installed vertically in the direction of the flow, proper drain holes shall be provided on the liner to drain fluid from being trapped.

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