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vombaur GmbH & Co KG

In the beginning there is always your project: because your plans and objectives give us the concrete specifications for properties, load-bearing capacity and functionality of our narrow textiles.

Our objective: a seamless solution for your project.

As unique as the projects of our customers are, as unique are our solutions. We develop and manufacture our textiles and composites to perfectly fit the respective application. Depending on what your component has to achieve, we select and combine the materials, the woven fabric type, the weaving technique and the finishing. And always with view to achieving highest quality. We often take totally new, innovative approaches. We see ourselves as your partner – and as pioneers. For unique textile engineering solutions. Perfect fit. Process assured. Seamless.

We always work with view to achieving highest quality. In this way we meet the individual expectations of our customers just as reliably as the legal standards, official requirements and technical regulations.

This commitment also forms the basis for a continuous improvement process: we are constantly working to further improve the quality of our products and processes.

Quality assurance follows our strict quality management system: certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, vombaur stands for quality – in all areas and at all levels. For your unique textile engineering solution. Perfect fit. Process assured. Seamless.

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