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European producer of woven and laid scrims

Our company was founded by Frank Veranneman in 1985 and is part of the Sioen group since 1999. Frank Veranneman is still CEO of the subsidiary and plays an important part as Director in the Management Committee of the Sioen Group.

Our processes are fairly automated, and topics such as being environmentally friendly, energy-saving production and innovative thinking are always top of mind. Our agile and lean way of working in an advanced environment with state-of-the art machines and equipment attracts skilled technical personnel.

Veranneman is a part of the Sioen group. Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted Group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, manufacturer of professional protective clothing and producer of fine chemicals.

Veranneman Technical Textiles
Sioen Industries NV - division Veranneman Technical Textiles
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