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Van Gool

Van Gool Hef- en Hijstechniek has been supplying a wide range of high-quality hoisting equipment to companies in the construction, crane, transport and offshore industries since 1984. Not only do we import the best chains, hooks, winches, hoists, crane scales and hoisting belts, our specialised staff will help you find tailor-made solutions. We have, for example, supplied digital crane scales and hoisting equipment eighteen metres long upon request. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and we will provide you with exactly the hoisting equipment you need.

Top quality steel

All our hoisting equipment is made of the highest quality steel. As a result, no load is too heavy and safety is, by definition, guaranteed. We are particularly proud of our Forge France chains and chain accessories. What makes them special is that due to the quality of the steel, the chains and hooks are more compact, lighter and stronger and also have a longer service life. These products are available in grade 100/80/50.

Safety: certified from hooks to winches

Safety is essential when it comes to lifting and hoisting equipment, which is why all our products come supplied with a safety certificate. Van Gool Heft- en Hijstechniek complies with the safety requirements of NEN-EN-ISO 9001, EKH (Approved Inspection Companies for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment) and the Metaalunie. We also provide periodic certification of lifting and hoisting equipment, fall protection and climbing equipment, so that the safety of your employees is guaranteed and you meet all your regulatory obligations. By conducting testing and certification on location, we also reduce waiting times to a minimum.

Van Gool
Van Gool
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