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Since we deal with progressive fabrics (second, third, fourth generation fabrics) the name Unnati was given to our firm which was established in the year 1969.URJA means energy.  We all know how important it is to conserve energy.  Since we deal with fabrics that help in conserving energy the name Urja Products was given to our firm which was thereafter established in the year 1989.

As described by Fluid Sealing Association-USA, “Non-Metallic/Fabric Expansion Joints are flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movements caused by thermal changes. They also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers and in some instances to make up for minor misalignment of adjoining ducting or equipment.” Fabric Expansion Joints are typically designed for ducts where pressure is know, not more than 3 psi (2000 mm w/c) and temperature up to 1000oC. However, for higher temperatures, duct itself needs to be internally insulated.

Urja Fabrics
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