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Texpack is a manufacturer of packings, tapes, twisted ropes, cloths, and sleeves, for thermal insulation with dynamic use, of pumps and valves.

It produces and markets industrial gaskets of different types and sizes, offering a complete range of sealing systems and products for high temperatures, as well as a range of products for the maintenance of fireplaces and stoves dedicated to the consumer market.

Texpack was founded in 1993 as a result of the business experience of Giorgio Lanza and Simonetta Ghisi, who began specializing in the manufacture of textile products in glass, silica, Texil, Biotex, Thermaltex, Pyrotex, Tenack and Aramtex for thermal insulation at temperatures from 200°C up to 1,200°C.

Since 1993 Texpack has continued along the line of constant and continuous investment, following the direction of technological research and using cutting-edge production methods. Texpack has always looked towards the future, using specialised technical staff for each individual process.

This strategy has led to its transformation from utilising a small initial space to occupying its current production and commercial headquarters of over 10,000 m2, selling products in Italy and the world.

Since its foundation the company has changed continuously with the market to meet the needs of the customers, becoming an established reality.

The company is deeply rooted in the local area, where, since its foundation, it has always maintained its corporate headquarters.

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