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Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. is a fabricator of standard and custom commercial and industrial sheet metal products. SMC was founded in 1969 to supply installers with slip and drive connectors. Since then, SMC has expanded from connectors to vane and rail, and further to round pipe, rectangular ductwork, spiral pipe and beyond. SMC’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides high-quality, high-performance HVAC systems at a competitive cost and short lead time. Your duct will be delivered in days, not weeks.

A yellow label union shop, Sheet Metal Connectors supplies complete ductwork systems for the HVAC industry, including, but not limited to, ductwork, spiral pipe, fittings, custom welding, doublewall duct, dieform elbows, slips and drives, oval pipe, etc.

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. is located in Minneapolis, MN, where they started in 1969 supplying slips and drives to local contractors. Now located in a technologically advanced 250,000 square ft. manufacturing facility. SMC also has a full manufacturing facility in Rockford, IL, which opened early 2003. Because of our emphasis on competitive pricing, quality workmanship and customer service, Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. now services contractors and distributors across North America.

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc
5850 Main Street N.E
United States

Products by Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc

Woven Fabrics
Laid webs
Knitted fabrics
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Textile Production processes
Textile Finishing technology
Machinery for fabric manufacturing
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Laminating and coating equipment
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Packaging bags
Industrial Covers
Nonwovens made of natural fibres
Nonwovens made of man-made fibres
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Lifting slings
Thermal insulation
Wearable Smart Textiles
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Wearable electronics
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Glass fibres, -yarns and -rovings
Reinforcing textiles
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Synthetic leather
Finishing processes
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Surface treatment technologies


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