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We are “part of your process” in many ways. Not only because we supply materials that are part of your production process, but also and especially because we like to assist you with, for example, your logistics process, your engineering process or your processing procedure.

Involved with your company

Our family company is more than 75 years old and many of our employees and customers have been with us for years. We are involved with our customers, know their employees well and are thoroughly familiar with their production processes. With us you are not just an account number, but an appreciated customer.

Prevent damage to your piping system

Like other materials, metals  expand or contract with changes in temperature. Motors, pumps, compressors, etc. can also transmit vibrations to the piping system. When a (metal) pipe is attached to a construction of equipment, this can cause problems. The pipes deform or damage causing leaks.

To prevent these kinds of problems,  an expansion joint is used. An expansion joints axial, lateral and radial movements in the piping system.

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