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La Favorite Industries is a specialty manufacturer of industrial elastomeric products. Our production experience includes spool style expansion joints, condenser connection expansion joints (Dogbones and U-Types), bus duct connectors, and lightweight flexible connectors.

We are best known as a “boutique manufacturer” with a focus on part production to exact operating specifications rather than the high volume sale of mass-produced standard size expansion joints. We are the go-to producer of expansion joints when conditions have changed to nonstandard specifications due to system changes and upgrades.

We offer to start to finish customer support from hands-on manufacture to on-site installation and splicing services. Our expertise in both the manufacturing, installation, and service conditions of our products allows us a unique position from which to facilitate a wide range of customers’ needs.


  • Custom Industrial Elastomeric design and construction
  • On-site service and support
  • 24/7/365 Emergency response services
La Favorite Industries
33 Shady St
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New Jersey
United States
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