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For over 40 years, Isolatie Combinatie (IC) manufactures, delivers and installs fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for industrial, onshore and offshore installations and machines.

With its own design and production department IC can quickly respond to the industrial insulation demands of customers and in cooperation with the customer provide a 100% matching solution. The production facility for prefabrication of sheet metal insulation systems and cladding parts covers an area over 1200 m2 and is strategically situated right next to the A9 in Beverwijk.

Industrial thermal insulation

The provision of thermal insulation at industrial facilities is often initiated by a desire to increase safety and process reliability, and at the same time to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For over 40 years, IC constructs and installs customized solutions for the efficient isolation of heat generating applications but also cold processes.

Isolatie Combinatie, the Isolation Contractor
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