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Hilifting is China’s leading rigging, lifting, and material handling products manufacturer and supplier. We have been in the rigging hardware manufacturing industry for over 20 years.

We manufacture rigging, lifting, and material handling products for offshore energy, construction, cargo handling, marine, mining, and transportation industries. For every market: importers, wholesalers, distributors, and even the big chain stores. Now we have over 100 workers, 10 advanced drop-forged machines, 10 die-casting machines, and a total of 10 sets of mold machines, CNC machines, high-frequency induction-heated, heat-treatment machines, etc. All of them are significant assets of our company.

The most beautiful part of the business is that rigging, lifting, and material handling are used in every kind of setting, from industries to commercial applications. The consumption products can create repeatable profit for you. Our company’s unique advantage is that our products are keeping lower prices than other suppliers! Also, we always provide an easy, accurate, reliable service. We appreciate and take care of our customers!

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