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Flexicon UK Limited

FLEXICON offers a fast, dependable service to industry across a wide range of applications. Even in this age of high technology, industrial systems still rely on many non-metal components, which provide a flexibility that metal cannot give.

FLEXICON provides a specialist industrial fabricating service to the industry, with extensive knowledge of the manufacturing of all types of flexible fabric bellows, connections and expansion joints, as well as a variety of other individual industrial components where use dictates a flexible fabric for the application. We manufacture using a comprehensive range of materials, both in natural and synthetic fibers. FLEXICON have developed design, cutting and stitching techniques that now achieve an outstanding degree of fine tolerance and durability. This, together with the fabrication of many prototype ‘one-offs’ means that an unequaled service can be offered. In the majority of cases, quick delivery is essential, so FLEXICON has geared production to operate what we feel is the fastest service possible to all our customers.

At FLEXICON we count versatility as being our biggest asset, and when it comes to textile conversion, any job is given our utmost consideration, whether it be large or small. Since we believe that our product range is limitless the images shown on this site represent only a fraction of our expertise.

Established in 1979 FLEXICON now has many years of proven experience within various sectors of industry. These include heating & ventilation, petrochemical and automotive to name but a few.

Flexicon UK Limited
Flexicon UK Limited
1 Larch Lea
L6 5BN
United Kingdom
+(44) 0151 260 6141

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