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Designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes, custom fabric expansion joints from FlexCom mitigate movement and vibration damage in a diverse range industrial installations. Custom fabric expansion joints from FlexCom are created to your specifications to help ensure optimal uptime, efficiency and durability in the application while reducing maintenance and costs. Custom fabric expansion joints from FlexCom are a key component in keeping industrial installations running optimally.

FlexCom industrial fabric expansion joints create a flexible, highly durable seal between large scale industrial components to minimize seal leakage and expensive damage to ductwork and other connected components.

FlexCom composite fabric expansion joints with a rugged steel frame tolerate heat stresses and pressure loads and allow for movement compensation. Learn more about FlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints.

FlexCom flexible fabric expansion joints are suitable for applications needing low pressure and moderate heat tolerance, minimal movement compensation and particulate resistance. They are highly effective as fan isolation joints. Learn more about FlexCom’s flexible fabric expansion joints.

Composite Fabric Expansion Joints Withstand Harsh Environments

FlexCom’s composite fabric expansion joints, also known as flat-belt expansion joints, are found in a variety of industrial settings such as cement kilns, power plants, boilers, and pollution/waste management systems. They tolerate heat stresses up to 2200°F, pressure loads up to 10 psi, and provide effective movement compensation.

FlexCom industrial composite fabric expansion joints are mounted to durable steel frames and are available in any configuration, including round and rectangular.

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