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European Filter Corporation

EFC (European Filter Corporation) has the mission of managing all types of filtration necessary for industrial processes in a wide variety of activity sectors, from customized study to the implementation and maintenance of filtration installations. A strong spirit of innovation, extensive experience and a continued partnership with  worldwide well-known manufacturers have allowed EFC to acquire sharp expertise and an excellent reputation regarding filtration and industrial clean-up. By developing and implementing solutions that are perfectly adapted to your activity and by ensuring optimal “all in” management of your filtrations, EFC guarantees a more lasting and economic production process as well as a work environment that respects environmental norms.

EFC (European Filter Corporation) is active in filtration and industrial clean-up. Its activities include the filtration of air, liquids and oils as well as the elimination of dust, mist and filtration using active carbon. EFC acts as a unique partner and proposes complete service from personalized study to the implementation of filtration solutions and their maintenance by highly qualified personnel. EFC also ensures the management of stock and commercialization of consumables. To guarantee their “all in” service on the long term, the company has developed reliable partnerships and relationships based on continuity with their partner suppliers and their clients. EFC also proposes the rental of equipment to resolve temporary problems or to test a new solution before implementation.

European Filter Corporation
European Filter Corporation
Dellestraat 30
+32 13 53 05 40

Products by European Filter Corporation

Woven Fabrics
Laid webs
Knitted fabrics
Technology and Processes
Textile Production processes
Textile Finishing technology
Machinery for fabric manufacturing
Knitting Technology
Laminating and coating equipment
Recycling technologies
Quality assurance
Control and monitoring methods
Research Centers & Institutions
Professional training
Industrial Safety Fabrics
Packaging bags
Industrial Covers
Nonwovens made of natural fibres
Nonwovens made of man-made fibres
Nonwovens made of glass fibres
Nonwovens made of other fibres
Lifting slings
Thermal insulation
Wearable Smart Textiles
Textiles for future apparel
Textiles with medical/cosmetic qualities
Textiles for professional and protective clothing
Textiles for sport and active wear
Wearable electronics
Flexible fabric connections
Dry filtration
Wet filtration
Recycled fibres
Recycled yarns
Natural fibres
Natural yarns
Glass fibres, -yarns and -rovings
Reinforcing textiles
Fibre-reinforced materials
Membrane systems
Textile-reinforced plastics
Coated Textiles
Laminated textiles
Packaging materials, sacking
Tarpaulin fabrics
Synthetic leather
Finishing processes
Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials
Laminating and coating materials
Application processing
Material pretreatment
Adhesive mixing and application equipment
Surface treatment technologies


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