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Dorstener Wire Tech Inc.

Dorstener Wire Tech and its subsidiary Porous Metal Filters, is located just north of Houston, Texas. We are a leading metal mesh manufacturer and supplier and act as the filtration arm for the Dorstener Group. The Dorstener Group is a leading producer of woven wire cloth, welded wire mesh fabrics, metallic filter medias, and filter elements made from these materials. Our fully integrated manufacturing centers allow us to control production from start to finish.

We offer a full range of woven metal mesh and metallic fabrics from 2 micron to 6000 micron in stainless steel and other high nickel alloys. Technical welded wire fabric is one of our specialties. We can weld wires as small as .015” in various round and geometric shapes. In addition to our traditional welded mesh products we also integrate woven and weld fabrics (weld sandwich media) that can be pleated allowing for high flow rates of gas or liquid products.

Our Sintered (diffusion bonded) metallic medias are produced in our Spring, Texas facility. Our state of the art equipment and skills allow us to produce goods economically and in large volume. Sintered metal fabrics have many advantages over traditional woven fabrics. We can integrate metal fibers, perforated plate, and woven wire cloth to provide the best of all structured metal media. Our finished filter elements offer superior filtration properties. Benefits of elements utilizing sintered wire cloth are; fixed pore geometry under pressure, no sheading, high mechanical strength, and the ability of the media to be pleated & cleaned allowing for longer on stream life.

Our products are used in numerous industries including; oil & gas, petrochemical, polymer, water, blast suppression, automotive, and countless industrial filtration applications. Our technical staff welcomes the opportunity to help with your filtration needs.

Dorstener Wire Tech Inc.
Dorstener Wire Tech Inc.
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TX 77388
United States
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