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Meridian Industries, Inc, is a family-owned, diversified group headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Founded in 1943, Meridian is currently comprised of five operating companies: Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc., Kent Elastomer Products, Inc., Kleen Test Products Corporation, Maijilte Corporation, and Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc.

Over the last 35 years, Meridian has experienced tremendous growth due to the operational philosophies that guide all their companies.

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. dutifully follows these philosophies to help support growth within the company, as well as those who do business with the company.

The philosophies are as follows:

  • Continual reinvestment in technology to better serve customers’ needs
  • Expansion into new markets and development of new products that necessitate the expansion of core competencies
  • Protection of the inherent financial strength and business health of the company
  • Adherence to high standards of corporate ethics
  • Commitment to the development and retention of employees
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