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Fiber absorbents for metal and another pollutant recovery from industrial effluents.

AJELIS designs and produces fibers for industrial effluents remediation, for recovery and recycling of metals, and air cleaning.  This new generation of materials allows selective metals/pollutants capture at a very high speed, over a wide range of concentrations varying from a few hundred milligrams per liter to trace amounts. AJELIS fibers show better technical and environmental performance than existing solutions, e.g. granular sorbents or ion exchange resins. AJELIS fiber sorbents are simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly. They enable a significate reduction of costs of waste management systems, especially hazardous ones.

Together with its partners AJELIS currently work on the following projects:

  • SOLIEX: materials for selective extraction of radioelements from sea-water (Fukushima problem)
  • CYTER: recovery of rare earths metals from industrial waste
  • NAVIRE: wastewater decontamination from heavy metals

AJELIS develops custom metal-capturing systems based on examination of client needs in decontamination of liquid media and wastewater treatment.

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