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AB-Tec GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2001, produces roll-form thermoplastic, heat-activatable dry adhesives in Germany. Our successful work in the consulting-intensive web adhesive industry is based on experience, technical know-how and the innovative production processes of our sister company Spunfab, Ohio. In addition to its own product portfolio, AB-Tec also markets the Spunfab products in Europe that have been very successfully established in the USA.

Enough For A Few Thousand Soccer Fields

TecWeb® is already very in-demand. With annual production, we can easily cover several thousand soccer fields in Europe.

Top player in the premium class

Only the best ones advance this far. TecWeb® ranks internationally among the innovators in thermoplastic web adhesives. In terms of quality, reliability, flexibility and technical advice, and even with a personal consultation at your location, we are also playing our way up in the premium class.

International Operational Readiness – Direct To The Customer

Our sales team is well-positioned for you. Technical advice and delivery are ensured through our own sales network. We also supply you directly beyond Europe or ensure distribution through the distribution network of Spunfab, Ohio. Wherever your goods shall be delivered – we offer you the shortest route. Even after delivery.


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