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Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets

26 Jul 2022  |
Pipe and valve insulation jackets are designed to insulate pipework and valves helping to improve energy efficiency. They are also commonly used to provide insulation against low temperatures and protect personnel from burns by reducing the temperature of the exposed pipework surfaces. Jackets are bespoke manufactured to your requirements.


Engineers on-site at a water treatment works had a section of lowered pipework which was susceptible to cold conditions. There was a risk of the pipes freezing which could cause reduced flow or bursting. This would lead to flooding of the area and necessitate the replacement of damaged pipework. The site contacted PAR to manufacture some insulation jackets as a precautionary measure.

The Solution

A PAR representative attended site to measure up the pipework including all bends and valves. The jackets needed to provide a tight fit so as to properly insulate the pipework, so accurate measurements were necessary. Covers were then hand cut and stitched from a grey silicone coated glass cloth, encapsulating a ductwrap glass wool blanket filler as standard. Each jacket incorporated velcro tabs so they could be wrapped and fixed around the pipework. The valve jackets also included drawstring cord so the openings could be pulled tight around the valve. The pipe and valve jackets significantly reduced the risk of freezing and therefore damage to the pipes.

Key Features

  • Manufactured wholly in-house.
  • Bespoke manufactured to measurements taken.
  • Successfully insulated pipework and valves to reduce risk.

For more information on our pipe and valve insulation jackets, please click here.

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